Xua Xua Productions was born over multiple coffee rants between theatre-makers Dani and Andrea.

They realized that these talks and the resulting caffeine addiction wasn’t good for their health, so they decided to make their own theatre. They named their company after the woman who, in the Chinese origin myth, created theatre when she saw herself reflected in another human being. This is perhaps the only guarantee Dani and Andrea can make about their work with Xua Xua: that it will strive to show you a reflection of some aspect of yourself. Other than that, all bets are off.


Dani is a director, dramaturg and producer. She divides her time between creative and legal endeavours (don’t worry, she tends to be on the right side of the law). Dani is an avid “yes, let’s” girl who loves trying new things. She has even started expanding this adventurousness to the food front. But, don’t be surprised if her picky childhood eating habits win out: termites are not a delicacy.


Andrea is theatre artist and yoga instructor. When it comes to theatre she indulges in everything that doesn’t involve a ladder: producing, publicity, writing, acting, and dancing. She is the publicist at Pacific Theatre, a co-founding member of Les Petites Taquines, the marketing chair for The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Society, and has one of the 10,000 blogs begun each day in this world, The Receptionist. She also loves a good cup of tea, accompanied by a book and her cat, Miss Gertie Marie. http://www.andrealoewen.com.


Christina is a UBC Music and Theatre graduate. She currently performs World Music, Portuguese Fado and Children’s Music under the banner of Gaspar Studios. Christina has been teaching for the past ten years, and currently focuses on youth-at-risk arts programs, including Sarah McLachlan Musical Outreach, Arts Umbrella and YouthCo AIDS Society Theatre Forum Troupe, to name a few. Christina endeavours to equip children and youth with the tools, resources and knowledge to exceed their goals, and develop a lifelong passion for music and the arts.