We want to inspire you.

We are all about community and fostering an ever-expanding hub of artists and enthusiasts with our work.  That means we want to know what you do, what you think we should do, how you want to be involved with what we’re doing, how we can be involved with what you’re doing, and so on until the end of time.  The whole point of theatre and art is debatable, but for us it definitely has something to do with a community.  It matters to us.  So here’s a varietal of ways you can be a part of our hub, depending on just how involved you want to be:

Sign up for our newsletter: Guaranteed quarterly, never more than once a month, sign up for this to find out about what we’ve got going on in our heads, on our stage, and in our dayplanners.

Let us know that you like us: “Like” our Facebook page and not only will you get updates, and somewhat more often than our newsletter, but you will also be able to chime in on the conversations and maybe even help us figure out an upcoming project.  Artist calls will be posted here first.

Email us: If you’re an artist who wants to get involved, an enthusiast who wants to help out, or just have an awesome idea for something you think is right up our alley, let us know.  Got a project of your own that you think we’d be into?  Let us know about that too!

Memberships coming soon!  We’re still working out the kinks, but will be initiating a membership program soon for people who want to “buy in” to the company, rife with special, awesome privileges.