OCW Magazine is shedding its skin! With a total relaunch planned for July 2010, including a total overhaul of their look and content, they are saying goodbye to their old self in style with SKIN, an interactive art party created by Xua Xua Productions. SKIN invites partygoers to explore their own skin the things they do to it. We poke and prod it, we mutilate it and beautify it, we show it off and we cover it up. SKIN invites partygoers to do all these things and more.

The centerpiece of SKIN is a projected live art installment made up of images of the partygoer’s own skin. Everyone is invited to enter our corner photobooth and photograph their skin – they can capture any part of their skin in any way they choose. Throughout the night these skin images will be used to create a projected image of a composite body by graphic artist Noel Planet. Each time a partygoer gives an image of their skin, the composite body will transform, change, and grow, creating an ever-changing reflection of the party community.

Other party features include live fantasy make up art by Fiona Kennedy, storytelling massage by Leonora Grande, and live body poetry. DJ Labour of Love will keep the party atmosphere alive while photographic art by Matthew Wormald, Ryan Walter Wagner, and David Roth adorn the walls.